Tuesday, October 16, 2012

You Gotta Have Faith

It has been two weeks since my last post and I have been incredibly busy!

Yep, I asked DH to fix a leaky toilet and we ended up with water shooting out of our wall.  Apparently, we should not be DIY any plumbing!  Thankfully the home warranty covered it, but it happened over a weekend, and we couldn't have the water on.  We packed up and spent two nights at my parents place until we could get a plumber out to fix it.

DH is Injured!
The very next day after our plumbing mishap, my husband tore his Achilles tendon playing adult soccer.  He had surgery and now he is safely tucked on the couch with his leg elevated.  He's on crutches and scooting around the house in a rolling desk chair or doing a crawl on the floor to hang with the baby.  He's out of work for 6 weeks on short term disability since he is in outside sales.  That's the only real source of any stress for me, is having to trim about $800 of expenses out of our monthly budget.  He also has a company looking at him for a new position - and we are hoping that this injury doesn't infere with that.

This past Sunday was my baby girls Christening and reception.  I have been planning and doing some DIY projects to put together a really cute party on a very tight budget.  I'll post pics soon of that. It was stressful pulling it all together on my own since my DH couldn't really help since he was on crutches.  But, I'm really really proud of how it turned out.

Work Work Work!!
I'm working like crazy, doing our marketing plans and FY 12 annual results.  On top of that, I've got another company interested in hiring me. It sounds like a good thing, but honestly I just don't have the bandwith to interview right now.

Like I said, I've been busy.  I keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason, and that we're just due a few little dramas after having a really wonderful year last year.  After all, this time last year we were closing on our new house and pregnant after a 2 year infertility struggle.  So, what's a little injury, a busy work schedule, a plumbing problem really?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Project Lose the Baby Weight!

I recently heard that it takes 9 months to put the baby weight on so it should take at least 9 months to take it off.  We recently celebrated Baby G's 6 month birthday - and I naturally panicked.  3 more months and all that baby weight must be gone!  I have a little over 10 pounds left to lose to be to pre-pregnancy weight...and about 30  pounds to lose to be the size I'd really like to be!

So - it's official.  I'm on a diet/exercise program.  Good thing I didn't let my gym membership lapse!  I am not planning anything too complicated. Staying simple once again. No meal plans or anything. Just eat less and move more!

I realized that after the 6 month mark I don't have the obessive need to be with Baby G every second.  So, I made time for me.  My plan - Saturday, Sunday and Tuesdays I will be at the gym for at least an hour. 

I started this past weekend - Saturday and Sunday.  It's on!  My goal is to be down 10 pounds and at pre-pregnancy weight by Christmas! Wish me luck. 

Entertaining as a New Mom

My sister told me after I had my baby that I wasn't responsible for doing any hosting of family dinners until Baby G was at least a year old.   Now I know why.

Yes, this type-A, over ambitious, pinterset obsessed mommy decided to host a small dinner party on Saturday night.  And while it wasn't a total disaster, I do understand now what my sister was trying to tell me.  It's absolutely exhausting!

Pre-baby we lived in a very small 2 bedroom apartment and were never expected to entertain.  And after two years of struggling with infertilty, I'll admit it - we lost touch with our closest friends.  Afterall, they all had children and we were self concious about the fact that we didnt.  So, one of my goals when we moved into our new house was to entertain our friends more. I figured we would have "home court advantage" with the baby.  That I could set limits of when and how many friends we would invite over.  That I could keep it simple.  Afterall -that's the point of this blog right?

HA.  I'm waaay too much of  perfectionist for that.  So, I ran around like a crazy lady on Saturday. I cleaned the whole house, made a completely homemade dinner, bought flowers and did centerpieces, set up the back patio, made a playlist on the iPad and got baby and momma all dressed up.  The friends we invited over had a 4 month old and a 4 year old.  They certainly were not expecting all of this effort - but I felt completely compelled to make everything perfect.

Why? Oh, I'm not sure. Blame pinterest, blame my mother's perfect hostess abilities, whatever. The point is...I am not making this mistake again. Sure, it was nice to see friends...but it would have been easier and much more fun to have met them at a pizza parlor or park.  I won't be trying to entertain again at home until Baby G is at least 2!